Glenna Cooper is the Department Faculty Chair and Assistant Professor for American Sign Language Education, and World Language at Tulsa Community College. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching, program management, supervision, trainings, grant writing and marketing on a local, state and federal level for various organizations. With federal and state funding, she implemented Oklahoma Domestic Violence and Tobacco Awareness programs to improve services suited to the cultural needs of the Deaf community. She was one of a few Deaf nationally certified instructors to provide Deaf Culture training to emergency responders in 40 states. Cooper reviewed FEMA’s Special Needs Planning Guidebook for Emergency Managers. During the early relay service days, she previously managed as center manager overseeing a relay call center with more than 250 operators to comply with Title IV of the Americans With Disabilities Act, which ensures telephone service accessibility. She also was first Oklahoma Account Manager for Relay Service during it’s first formation in early 1990’s. In the early years, she had served on the City of Tulsa’s Commission on Concerns of Tulsans with Disabilities, Oklahoma Coalition Against DV and Sexual Abuse Task Force. During the 1990’s, she was Governor appointee for Okla State Dept of Human Service Advisory Board and Independent Living Council. She has a Bachelor of Arts-Leadership Administration Degree from the University of Oklahoma and Master of Arts in Sign Language Education Degree from Gallaudet University. She lives with her wife, Timi and has three children, Matt works in insurance corporate, Kelsey working toward her law degree at OU, and Jonathan a junior at OSU majoring in international Agr business and minor in French. She enjoys traveling, reading inspirational books and water-sports.

Whats your favorite childhood toy?

My Schwinn purple bike with banana seat and my horse, “Firecracker”

What makes you proud to be part of the Deaf community?

I take pride of my Deaf culture, my language and a strong sense of our Deaf identify. We take pride of our Deaf Identify and feel a strong sense of belong because we understand the experience that no one else understands.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) is to promote, protect and preserve the civil rights and quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in Oklahoma

Vision Statement

The vision of the Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) is that even deaf and hard of hearing individual can and will obtain maximum potential through increased independence, productivity and integration. without barriers.

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